Tuesday, 5 April 2011


In principle, a camera has the following things:
1.  Holes for inserting the light
2.  Completely dark room
3.  Flat field to put the film

At first, a simple camera is just the shape of a cube that has a hole for the needle so -called pinhole camera ( Pinhole camera ).

Pinhole functions as the entry of light reflection from the object to be photographed.  Things that will reflect rays of light hit, and this reflected light will enter the camera through the pinhole.  So in a state of total darkness, where there is absolutely no light, we do not bida photographing.  Shadow, will happen, if the light reflection was captured by the screen contained in a dark room.  Inside this dark room there is a wall that serves as a screen to catch the shadow ( image ) that comes from things that we reflected light portraits.
And so the images had to be saved, then saved or recorded in the form of film.  The film has a layer of silver halide is going out the picture after being processed or often referred washed with a chemical solution.

Pinhole without any additional, will form a shadow but less clear.  Fortunately, soon found the lens.  By putting the lens on the pinhole, the image becomes clear and sharp rimbul.
The lens for this camera, as the premises perkambangan technology, more and more perfect and now the camera lens quality is very good in color reproduction and sharpness.

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