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The lens is the first media regulator before a wave of photons of light that passed on the film or CCD sensor.  Good or bad a picture is determined by the lens.  While the lens is the optical element arranged in a series.  In the lens there is a diaphragm that regulates the intensity or the amount of light on film.  There is also the sharpness of focus control

Standard Lens
Lenses that have a point of view of 46 degrees or equal to the eye.  This lens has a focal length of 50 mm

Wide Angle Lens
Wide lens has a focal length of less than 50 mm.  The nature of wide-angle lens:
Ø Broadening the view
Ø Includes a broad view
Ø Space also sharp broad
Ø For many journalists work is needed this lens.
Ø Effect shadows and high contrast compared to a telephoto lens
Ø distortions arising

To highlight, beauty, beauty, one's performance the best lens choice is a telephoto lens.  When using wide lens then the resulting form widened, as a result of lens distortion.

Tele Lens
Its function is closer to the object.  Having a short sharp space.  The longer the focal length of his increasingly sharp narrow space.  Things that were not far behind though coincide.  Often occurs camera shake.  Camera vibrations that occur because of the heavy burden of the lens.  Currently many of which have been equipped lens image stabilizer.

Vario Lens / Zoom Lens

Lens choice is based on the use of more flexible at the time of shooting.  Without a back and forth without moving place.  This is useful when shooting with a lot of people.  So it does not interfere with the progress we pullback.
Has the dual ability to replace the function of the lens.  This means that some lenses are packed into one
In addition, key points contained in each lens is the optical contrast and separation power.  Contrast optics is the ability of each lens to distinguish colors that are similar.  While the separation power is the ability of the lens to separate the line-garik coincide.  This election meyangkut quality and lens quality and color accuracy are produced.
Understanding the use of Rana and Digrafragma.  Or a combination of both.  And the resulting effects.
Functions contained in the camera shutter is set faster mechanism than the light that comes into the film / sensor.  While Aperture diaphragm located on the lens helps maintain a small amount of light passing into the lens.
Understanding the diaphragm can not be separated from the depth of field.  Depth of field is the space where the element of sharpness in an image looks sharp and clear.  When focusing on a particular object, the position where a focused look sharp, then the area is called the Space Sharp.  Sharpness wide say, if the object and surrounding background still looks sharp.  While the sharp objects just be focused.  While the rest of the blur, especially the front and the back, narrow or limited meaning sharpness.
Factors affecting Sharp Space is
Ø diaphragm Aperture (Aperture),
Ø Focus Long, Long Point Fire (Focal of Length)
Ø Shooting Distance, distance focus lens to the object,
Ø The size of the film format used on the analog camera or the large size of the sensor on digital cameras

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