Thursday, 7 April 2011


One of the most important part of the camera lensa.mengapa go round that way?  Because the reflected light from the object will bounce through the lens and then recorded by the film contained in our camera.  So the resulting image quality is highly dependent on the quality of the lens used.  The better the quality of our lens, then the images that we will get sharper and the colors would be great too.
When these lenses are available in the market already has a high quality quality.  This is because the coating ( coated ) that covers the lens we have to continue the colorful obyyek shooting great.
Based on the length of the fire point, the lens can be classified into several types:
a.  Lenses normal / normal lens lenslstandard
Lens that has a flash point between 45 mm to 5 mm has a perspective that comes closest to the human eye, which is about 45 degrees, so -called normal lens.
b.  Lens Tele / Tele lens
In the Indonesian proper lens is called lens approach, because the effect produced by this lens is to bring the object toward kia.  This lens focal starting from 70 mm to 300mm, while the lens which has a fire point of more than 300 mm super- telephoto lenses to get a nickname.  And there on the market reached the point of fire up to 1000 mm.
c.  Lebad angle lens wide angle lens
Type of lens has a wider viewing angle of 45 °.  The lens has a fire point less than 38 mm can be classified as wide-angle lens while the lens with a flash point of 20 mm or smaller, usually disetut lens that has a super wide angle 180 ° point of view there is a 15 mm fire.

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