Friday, 22 April 2011

Depth of field ( sharpness ROOM )

Selection of the size of the aperture when shooting is not actually stronger than depend on whether or not the light that falls on objects, as well as the effect of the sharpness that we want to get on the background and foreground objects.  Because each room instead of a diaphragm has a different sharpness.
In general, not daifragma large ( small numbers ), has a sharpness of a narrow space while not a small aperture ( large number ) have a wide space sharpness.  So if you want the background to our object becomes blurred ( blur ), select a small framed diaphragm while if you want a sharp background, we select a large framed diaphragm.
In addition to not depend on the diaphragm, sharp space also depends on the ' hotspots lens ' used and ' distance of the object with the camera '.  The longer the lens focal.  The more narrow space sharpness.
In sum, the sharpness of space depends on:
- Not diagragma
- lens focal length
- Distance shots
Focal Length
Lens Focal Length
The distance between the lens center to the point of fire from the lens, in
unit mm
1:1,4 / f = 50 mm
1:2,8 / f = 135 mm
1:2,8-4 / f = 80-300 mm 􀃆
for long- focus zoom lens
different show from a different angle
The larger ( longer ) focal length, the smaller its angle
of view, so the fewer objects recorded.

Showed the largest diaphragm opening
which can be used on the lens
The ( strong lens )
Sharpness Manager
To set the aperture diaphragm associated with the sharpness ( Depth of Filed ) The width of the diaphragm the more narrow area of sharpness ( DOF ) and vice versa

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