Tuesday, 5 April 2011

History of Photography

The word comes from the Latin camera: Camera obscura which means' dark room '.  People will see a picture or shadow of a sunny landscape in a dark room wall, where the dark room has a small hole that overlooks the scene.

In 1827, Joseph Niepce has managed to capture the image on the layer of light -sensitive type of asphalt, with the help of camera obscura.  The time required to reach the asphalt is 8 hours.
In 1837, Louis Deguere, make Deguerreotypes, and require a relatively shorter exposure of 15-30 minutes.

In England, William Henry Fox Talbot made ​​a smaller negative.  After lighting should be exfoliated for 30 minutes in the camera called mousetraps ( mouse traps ).

The presence of lens hongaraia invention, Josef Petzval, more shorten the lighting.  Later perfected by Henry Fox Talbot, so the lighting has to be shortened to less than one minute.  These findings become ' ketinggslsn ' after he was found wet plate as a film in 1851.

In 1888, an American, George Eastman, initiating a box portable camera light and can generate a lot of lighting on a roll of film.  But for washing must be done to the plant.  Now George Eastman is known for his film camera and a KODAK branded.
In 1900, came the Kodak Brownie being sold to the public and the photography was gaining popularity.  While in 1925, German-made Leica cameras became the first camera that uses film size 135, as we use now.

The film format 24 x 35 mm ( type 135 ) is still the most popular, although there is also a movie in another format, such as type 120 ( movie width 6 cm ), type 110, or film -shaped sheet ( sheet ), etc..

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