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Based on the 'observer hole', the camera can be divided into three major categories as follows:
A.  Range finder camera viewfinder or windowed
The main characteristic of this camera is located on sisikiri bidiknya window or right of the camera body.  The weakness of this camera is often the case what is seen by our eyes through the viewfinder, not the same denggan recorded by the film through the camera lens.  This is called paralax.
B.  Twin Lens Camera (Twin Lens Camera)
On this camera there are two lenses of the same magnitude, located above and the one right below it.  The function of each lens is like the camera's range finder
C.  Single Lens Reflex or single lens reflex camera
In this type of camera, the viewfinder is located above the camera lens, and we aim through the camera lens.  So what we see through a viewfinder also recorded by the film.  Characteristic of this camera is that there is a prism that is located above the camera lens.
D.  View Camera
That is a camera that uses an observer to the frosted glass window and is located just behind the camera lens, and in front of the movie.  Commonly used in the studio.

Based on the film format that is used, the camera can be divided into:
a.  Camera type film type 110 110.mempergunakan
b.  Camera type 35, use type 135 film
c.  Medium format cameras, use type 120 film
d.  Lrge format camera, using large-format film, 4x5 size in/8x10 in.
Some types / camera term 'special':
a.  Stereo camera, this camera uses two lenses on the left and right.  Stock photo dalah produced 3-dimensional.
b.  Under water camera, a camera used for shooting in the water.
c.  Compact cameras, cameras with compact size, aka small, its size has a pack of cigarettes, so they can enter our pocket.
d.  Field camera, including type of camera viee but that used to take pictures in outdoor or field.  Shaped compact and can be folded
e.  Panorama camera, the camera used for shooting panoramas with size 6 x 17 cm.
f.  Digital cameras, cameras that use the latest type of chip sebaga pangganti film.

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